Peeking in on My Shabbat

My favourite Jewish Holiday is Shabbat. Shabbat is the rest day that starts on sundown on Friday and lasts until sundown on Saturday. It’s by far my most restful and happy time.

I think it’s unusual for Jews to share their most intimate moments with HaShem (G-d) out in public this way but I’m going to do this because I think it’s important for someone who is converting to share their thoughts openly while in this process. In fact, my Rabbi will have access to my blog during my conversion process.

Shabbat Candles Deutsch: Schabbatkerzen

Shabbat Candles and Kiddush Cup for Wine.

My Shabbat doesn’t involve cooking challah (special braided bread), but for many others it does. When I was with a partner I would cook challah but when single I don’t. I am more into lighting the candles and sitting down and having intimate moments with HaShem. You have to light the candles before sundown or you’ve missed your opportunity.

Some women light only one candle if they’re single. I sometimes light one candle and other times I light two. The commandment zakhor (remember) and shamor (observe) is why we light 2 candles.

Shabbat is a day to completely rest and relax. I like to sleep and read casually and of course, reading the weeks portion or parsha of Torah is important as well. This is the one day where nothing is rushed. Nothing has to happen. Everything is completely quiet. This is how I’ve typically spent my Sabbaths.

If you’re Jewish, or becoming Jewish like me, then let me know how you celebrate yours.

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